Minami Kyushu University is engaged in the basic and applied study for “food”, “green”, and “people” to develop human resources that will contribute to the society in the specialized fields.

University Information

About Minami Kyushu Univ.

Educational philosophy

In the environment surrounded by abundant nature and mild climate in Southern Kyushu, the Minami Kyushu University provides the students with education to be a person with creativity, humanity, and good social skills. As well, the university is engaged in the basic and applied study for "food", "green", and "people" to develop human resources that will contribute to the society in the specialized fields.


Let's change the world, beginning from a small community, to create a peaceful and rich society by thinking of what the real happiness for the people.
We are now facing diversified problems attributed to the existence of human beings, such as the environment issues, expanded social gap, an increase of poverty, and the aging society. Furthermore, by suffering from unprecedented scale of damage after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we are now demanded to get rid of an old sense of world and sense of value, that is "only the continual economic development will bring us a rich society". And now, I believe that people are thinking again, that we should seek what the real happiness is for the people and create truly peaceful and rich society without being obsessed with the old common sense but based on a brand new sense of value. Since its foundation in 1967, Minami Kyushu University has been committed to the areas of agriculture, food, health, and education. While being rooted in the local community and conscientiously engaged in the research and experiment, we believe in "the power of local community to change the world". And I believe that the abundant experiences and our achievement in Minami Kyushu University will inspire to make a breakthrough on the critical issues of the recent Japanese society. I hope you will bring out your passion and challenging spirit in Minami Kyushu University, and develop your abilities to contribute to the society and the coming age.

Norihiko Terahara
Administrative director/Principal

Annual events

Various events throughout the year will be great experience for the student's personal growth. Beginning with a welcome event for freshmen, an open campus, on-site training, and the climactic "Kirishima Festival" on Miyazaki Campus and "Hibari Festival" on Miyakonojo Campus all provide great opportunities for meeting new people, challenging something new, and personal growth.

  • Entrance ceremony/Orientation
  • Welcome event for freshmen
  • Beginning classes for the first semester
  • Anniversary of foundation
  • Practice teaching
  • Joint briefing about companies
  • Practice teaching
  • On-site training
  • Registration for job applicants
  • Occupation aptitude test
  • SPI mock exam
  • Guidance to be employed
  • Open campus
  • End of classes for the first semester/Summer vacation
  • Summer intensive courses
  • Periodic exam for the first semester
  • Open campus
  • Practice teaching
  • Summer intensive courses
  • Beginning classes for the second semester
  • Opening government employee courses
  • Care giving on-site training
  • Kirishima Festival (Miyazaki Campus)
  • Hibari Festival (Miyakonojo Campus)
  • Mock test for general knowledge to be employed
  • Winter vacation
  • Winter intensive courses
  • Aptitude mock test for employment
  • End of classes for the second semester
  • Periodic exam for the second semester
  • On-site training
  • Master's thesis presentation
  • Freshmen's new life supporting fair
  • Graduation
  • Open campus
  • Job hunting bus tour