Minami Kyushu University is engaged in the basic and applied study for “food”, “green”, and “people” to develop human resources that will contribute to the society in the specialized fields.

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The cost of living in Miyazaki is quite reasonable!
Unlike metropolitan life style where the cost of living is high and there are a lot of entertainment facilities, here in Miyazaki, people spend most of their time at the university and home area daily, thus they can save the living expense such as food and rent. The students are not forced to work part time to live, and instead, they can spend that time for study, thus enjoy the student life.
When comparing the average monthly expenses of a student who does not live with their parents, of Tokyo and Miyazaki, the difference is as much as ¥40,000/month. The students in Minami Kyushu University enjoy the great learning environment without struggling to make living. This is an excellent environment for a university student to spend the 4 years.

Regional comparison for the cost of living

Average monthly cost of living for a student not living with parents (boarding house, apartment, others)

  • Tokyo area ・・・・・・・¥116,908
  • Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area・・・・・・・¥89,783
  • Minami Kyushu University ・・・¥72,000
  • Difference with Tokyo
  • Monthly:¥−44,908
  • For 4 years:¥−2,155,584
  • ※Tuition is not included in the cost of living.
  • ※The cost of living of a student of Minami Kyushu is calculated with ¥37,000 for rent, ¥25,000 for food, and ¥10,000 for other daily expenses.
  • ※The cost of living of a student in the Tokyo area and the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area is calculated by referring to the Student life surveys (2006) in "Universities and the students"(2006), published by the Japan Student Services Organization.

We support the student finding a place to live!

Before starting the university student life, it is important to find a place to live. We are hoping each student finds a place that is comfortable and meets all the conditions the student is looking for since that is where he/she spends the time for the next several years. In looking for a place to live, we would like the students to take advantage of the property information booklet, issued by the Minami Kyushu University Co-op Student Committee. In addition to information about the prime piece of rented property around the university, the booklet contains useful tips for single living, such as "Things to keep in mind when looking for a place to live" advised by senior students. The students can also ask for an advice for finding a place, so feel free to contact the Co-op Student Committee.

Sample rent per size
  • Around the Miyazaki Campus
    • 1K ¥27,000
    • 1LDK ¥27,000
  • Around the Miyakonojo Campus
    • 1K ¥25,000
    • 1LDK ¥28,000
Minami Kyushu Gakuen, Dormitory for female students

Location: 630-1 Tayoshi, Miyazaki-shi
※School bus (free of charge) is operating to the campus.

  • Two 4-story buildings, Wooden floor, Size of about 6-jo (104 sqf), Total 104 rooms 4
  • Manager stationed for 24h, Infrared security system and sensor automatic exterior lighting Fee:¥266,000/year ⇒ 50% discount for international students:¥133,000/year (The fees should be paid by single payment or by 2 installments)